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Ceviche from European bass

Ceviche from European bass

If you want to diversify the fish menu and cook something savory, unusual and healthy, then a Peruvian dish called ceviche is what you need. The chef of Tin Tin restaurant Ilya Semin suggests making it from European bass - white fish with tender meat, which has minimum of bones and calories, as well as a special marinade for it.

servings 2
cooking time 25 min

  1. 1. European bass (filet) — 300g
  2. 2. Red onion — 60g
  3. 3. Boiled sweet potato — 150g
  4. 4. Cilantro — 35g
  5. 5. Chile jalapenos — 25g
  6. 6. Sea salt — to taste
  7. 7. Chili paste — 10g
  8. 8. Lime — 280g
  9. 9. Fresh ginger — 10g
  10. 10. Garlic — 5g
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Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare the Tiger Milk marinade: mix coarsely chopped garlic, ginger, 15 g cilantro, lime juice. Let it stand for a while, strain, add salt and paste.

  2. Put slices of fillet in a bowl, add salt, leave for a while. Add the marinade and leave for another couple of minutes.

  3. Cook yam

  4. Mix the pickled fish with finely chopped onion, sweet potato, chili and cilantro and serve.