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Lederman W. Mayan Calendar. May Book

Lederman W. Mayan Calendar. May Book

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Made in
Форс Україна
Producer's site:
: http://forsukraine.com/
Product description from producer

Waking up in the morning and finding that you live for days in the opposite direction is a serious thing! Sixth-grader Gleb Elizarov just scratched the date "23.05.2013" on the ancient wall - and went with a couple of classmates first on May 22, and then on the 21st, 20th, 19th ...

Some people think it's good. After all, you can rewrite the final control, avoid a fight with a bully, or even, without remorse, squander all your pocket money for treats - because in the morning the bills and coins will be in your wallet again!

But the further the students are from May 23, the weaker the hope of returning to the future. And how to erase the inscription, which you will make in a week? ..

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