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Varto Lightly Salted Sliced Salmon 90g

Varto Lightly Salted Sliced Salmon 90g

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: Varus
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Atlantic salmon are known as the "king of fish," an appropriate title for many reasons. Atlantic salmon make a tremendous journey during their lifetime, migrating from the fresh water streams of their youth to feeding grounds in the north Atlantic Ocean and back again to spawn. Their capacity to return back to the same stream where they were hatched has captivated and mystified biologists for hundreds of years. Salmon are among the most beautiful of fish; stream-lined, silver and graceful. They are powerful, too, among the greatest fighters in the fishing world. And perhaps most important of all, Atlantic salmon are a symbol of clean, unspoiled waters that run wild to the sea. For those of us who live near the Connecticut River, Atlantic salmon are also a symbol of clean and wild waters reclaimed.