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Payment and delivery

Office hours
You can make the order online
Terms of scheduled delivery
  Hours of orders receiving if the delivery is for today
Price, UAH
Delivery to suburb (payment in one direction)

Day delivery:

- till 08:00 AM for day delivery windows (till 18:00)

Evening delivery:

- till 13:00 PM (till 22:00) PM for night delivery windows (starts not later than 20:00 PM)


from 69 UAH

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Auchan more
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Terms of pick-up
  Hours for pick-up Pick-up cost
NOVUS   10:00 - 19:00 24 UAN

10:00 - 20:00


Prices for goods and service


Cost and ways of delivery

    The price of delivery depends on the adress of delivery (zone).
    Scheduled delivery in Kiev is from 69 UAH.
    If you pay with credit card it starts from 70,8 UAH.
    Self-delivery is 24 UAH.

  • Online prices are the same as on the shelves of the supermarket where your order is picked and packed.
  • To obtain Your order be sure to provide a phone number only of Ukrainian providers of telecommunication (we can not call back a client who is not in Ukraine on the number of foreign operators)
  • You can leave notes for the picker for each item or for the whole order as well when making your order. In the comments you can also ask the picker to call you during picking your order.
  • You have a right to return any delivered product with it's respective takeout of receipt.
  • Please note, prices on shelves of the supermarket are changing and your order is always picked on the day of delivery. Therefore, actual total may slightly change if you choose delivery for the future day. In case of price changing above 5 UAH the Picker will contact You.
Discount cards of stores does not work when ordering online.
All discounts and offers that are in the supermarket, also work for the online store.
Heavy orders (scheduled delivery):

Order weight (netto), kg Total value, uah
Below 40kg 69 79 89
41 50.9 87 97 104
51 60.9 105 115 119
61 70.9 123 133 134
71 80.9 141 151 149
81 90.9 159 169 164
91 100.9 177 187 179
101 110.9 195 205 194
111 120.9 213 223 209
121 130.9 231 241 224
131 140.9 249 259 239
141 150.9 267 277 254
151 160.9 285 295 269
161 170.9 303 313 284
171 180.9 321 331 299
181 190.9 339 349 314
191 200.9 357 367 329
201 210.9 375 385 344

  • The weight of product unit, that we can deliver should be not more than 20 kg. If you need a product that is packed in 50 kg bag the possibility of delivery will be discussed with the contact-center operator.
  • When you order more than 50 items of the same product, we will contact you to clarify the availability of this product and the payment method: if the store does not have the necessary amount of this product and needs a special delivery, than it will be necessary to make a prepayment.
  • You need to create several separate orders (for different receipts) but you want them to be combined in one delivery - if you want delivery that consists of several but not more than 3 orders for one address, for one time window and from one store - than the delivery cost will be like for one order, that also contains total weight from all the orders. If you need 4 or more orders to be delivered, than the cost of delivery will be 10 UAH for every next order, while order weight fee will be recounted according to the taxa above. 
  • Delivery service may cancel your order in case of unpossibility of its delivery (flood, earthquake, cataclism, hard traffic situation in the city). You may to reorder your products by yourself, in this case You'll get free delivery code.
  • Delivery service may informate You about the cancelling of Your order by SMS (not later than 2 hours before the end of chosen delivery slot)

Payment methods
  Pay with cash when receiving an order With credit card on the site With credit card when pick-up Wire transfer for legal entities
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