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Henry Ford My Life and Work Book

Henry Ford My Life and Work Book

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There were legends about Henry Ford during his lifetime, and still certain facts of his biography are not definitively confirmed or refuted. However, it is undeniable that the meaning of his life was work. Above all, Ford sought to create a machine that would work forever. On the way to realizing his dream, thanks to his belief in the impossible, he revolutionized the thinking of his own environment and future generations, who also changed their attitude to money, successful business and work. Ford believed that thinking itself was the hardest work a man could do. This is probably the reason why we have so few thinkers. Ford tirelessly sought answers to complex questions of human history, such as: why is there poverty; what makes money money and what are the possible tricks within the current financial system that bring different nations and peoples under the control of a few people; what to expect from the future ... You will read about this, as well as what the ideal salesman at Ford looks like and works at, whether we really need cars and why teach children to invest in themselves in the pages of this unique book.

Year of publication: 2019 

 Language of publication: Ukrainian 

 Cover: hardcover 

 Genre: biographies and memoirs