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I'm Going to Kindergarten Today Book

I'm Going to Kindergarten Today Book

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This is a real game-workshop, which is designed to facilitate the process of preparation and habituation to kindergarten. This is the first edition of the Good Adults series. The first trip to kindergarten is a responsible period for both the child and the parents. Adaptation can last from one and a half months to six months. The book contains the main situations that the child will encounter in the garden. There are also practices that the author used in the work, they will make the process of adaptation easy and help parents get even closer to the baby. The novelty "I'm going to the garden today" in the form of a game allows you to "get used" to the role, putting it on, moving the toy through the pages of the book.

Thanks to the interactive book, adults and children in a playful way experience all the difficult moments with which families often turn to the author-psychologist: separation from parents, dressing, daytime sleep, and so on. The book also contains many useful tips and practices that can not only make adaptation to kindergarten easy and enjoyable, but also bring adults closer to children.

Language: ukrainian.

Year of publication: 2019.

Size: 60x90/8.

Binding: hardcover.

Circulation: 3500.