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Beypazari Tangerine Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water 0,2l

Beypazari Tangerine Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water 0,2l

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Turkey's leading brand number one. Beypazari natural sparkling mineral water since 1957.

Natural Spring Water is a type of running water containing small amounts of various mineral salts that are already present in the soil layers. On the other hand, natural mineral waters flow deep into the earth and are formed in the presence of a suitable geological environment. Before the internal heating of the earth and evaporation, these waters pass through various volcanic formations and receive heavy metal elements, minerals (Min 1000 mg / Lt.), Special ions, without ionized compounds, trace elements, radioactive elements and carbon dioxide. They usually rise to the surface under pressure and can be found cold or hot.

Mineral water regulates the concentration of body electrolytes, especially balancing the density of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate. These minerals combine and balance the body's biochemical reactions. Their absence or insufficiency is unacceptable.

Beypazari mineral water is pure, as it comes from nature and does not contain any additives. Provides natural taste. Our company distributes its products all over Turkey. We are number one Turkeys. We believe in the purity and quality of our products. We are proud to share the taste of nature with our consumers.