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Hame Apple with Cottage Cheese Puree 190g

Hame Apple with Cottage Cheese Puree 190g

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Food energy
Made in
Czech republic
  • apple puree
  • water
  • sugar
  • cottage cheese
  • corn starch
  • citric acid
  • ascorbic acid
Producer's site:
: hame.cz
: c
Product description from producer

Children's multicomponent fruit and milk puree from apple and cottage cheese, homogenized, pasteurized and ready to eat. It is intended for feeding children from 6 months. Hame purees are made from high quality and natural products. Apple contains fiber, which protects the intestinal mucosa and supports digestion, vitamins: B1, B2, B6, C, carotene, nicotinamide, iron. Promotes proper development of teeth and bone tissue. It has a beneficial effect on mental development and the digestive system. 

Cooking method: Before use, the required amount of puree should be warmed up in an open jar in a water bath with frequent stirring, or in a microwave oven on a plate for a short time, after setting food in a special dish. For a child from 6 months old, start feeding with one teaspoon a day, gradually increasing the portion to the age-old norm. If there is no cotton when opening the jar, it cannot be consumed. Do not cook. When pouring the contents of the jar into another dish, use a plastic spoon.