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Sonko 7 Grains Crispbread

Sonko 7 Grains Crispbread

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Food energy
  • Rye flour 57,9%, corn grits 15%, wheat flour 9%, whole wheat flour 7%, water, barley flour 3%, amaranth flour 2%, buckwheat flour 1%, rice flour 1%, prebiotics - inulin 2% , malt extract, salt, baking powder: sodium bicarbonate (purified soda).
Product description from producer

7 cereals crispbreads with the addition of prebiotics are made as a result of a mixture of 7 different types of cereals, so they have a unique taste and contain a large number of nutrients. The prebiotic added to bread in the form of inulin creates favorable microflora for health, and the high content of fiber facilitates digestion and promotes a good condition of digestive system. 7 cereal bread is created especially for those who care about the figure, so it is baked without the addition of white sugar, and one slice of bread contains only 20 kcal. The unique bread recipe does not contain any flavoring, aromatic additives or dyes. It is important that crispy breads of 7 cereals are made without added milk.