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Celery is a member of the Umbelliferae family, a cousin of carrots, parsley, anise, parsnips, fennel, caraway and celeriaic. Growers plant 32-42,000 plants per acre depending on variety, time of the year and grower preference. Celery plants are raised from seeds in greenhouses; it takes 6-8 weeks to produce a transplant ready for the field. It then takes 75-90 days to produce a marketable plant in the field depending on the weather and variety. Celery production and harvest are very labor intense. A person handles each individual plant at least three times, once when it is transplanted in the field, once when it is trimmed and then when it is sized and placed in a carton. Celery is packed by size; the number on a carton refers to the number of uniform plants in the carton by count or in dozens. A carton should weigh a minimum of 55 pounds each and usually more.