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Lipton Peach Mango Black Tea in Pyramids 20pcs*1,8g

Lipton Peach Mango Black Tea in Pyramids 20pcs*1,8g

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Food energy
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  • Tea black small, flavor of peach and mango, identical to natural, pieces of peach, apricot and mango.
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: lipton.ua
Product description from producer

An extravagant, but surprisingly harmonious combination of delicious pieces of peach, apricot and mango with fragrant tea leaves in Lipton Peach Mango tea amazes with an unusually rich and sweet fruity taste, which is fully revealed thanks to the free space inside the pyramid. Really bright taste - for those who like strong impressions! It has been scientifically proven that tea contains a huge amount of vitamins and microelements, therefore, when we drink a cup of tea, you will not only absorb a pleasant and invigorating drink, but also receive useful substances such as: antioxidants, amino acids and proteins, essential oils that give a unique aroma tea. Tea gently tones and helps to concentrate. World-renowned tea Lipton is a leader among tea brands: it is drunk in more than 150 countries. Worldwide consumption of Lipton tea is 4.5 billion liters per year. 205 million cups of Lipton tea are consumed worldwide every day. A key factor in strengthening Lipton's leadership position is high quality and attention to changing consumer preferences. Lipton specialists carefully monitor every stage of tea creation, from the birth of the tea leaf to the blending, so that you can fully enjoy the rich taste and rich aroma of your favorite tea. The company's products are only fresh tea leaves, natural tea leaf juice, rich taste and rich aroma of tea. Discover the full power of the tea leaf with the world famous drink!