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Komfort Compact Clay Without Scent Cat Litter 2.5kg

Komfort Compact Clay Without Scent Cat Litter 2.5kg

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Made in
  • based on bentonite clays minerals - 100%
Product description from producer
Comfort is a hygienic filler made using a unique technology from natural, natural minerals. It has unique properties of absorbing liquid and absorbing odors, perfectly crumples up, possesses bactericidal properties, a natural adsorbent. Instructions for use: -Fill a clean and dry tray with the contents of the Comfort package 4-5 cm thick -When using a tray with a mesh, it is enough to pour the filler under the mesh in a layer of 1 cm -After cleaning, add the required amount of fresh filler. -Used filler in parts can be flushed down the drain. Composition: Aqueous aluminosilicate, clinoptilolite, natural fragrance. The presence of dust - no more than 1%. Shelf life 2 years.