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Sour cream Yagotynsky chilled 20% 400g sachet Ukraine

Sour cream Yagotynsky chilled 20% 400g sachet Ukraine

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Made in
  • strawberry-wild strawberry filling, bacterial leaven, dairy raw materials
Producer's site:
: milkalliance.com.ua
Product description from producer

Fruit Starter Yagotynska with strawberries is a delicious and very healthy dessert, a natural fermented milk drink with a high content of biologically active lactic acid bacteria, which retains all the beneficial properties of the classic Starter culture and is complemented by the benefits of a natural fruit filling made according to the principle of homemade jam without dyes and flavors. Yagotynskoe TM starter culture is an absolutely natural product that consists of cow's milk and lactic acid bacteria, as well as natural fruit fillers. A unique feature of any Yagotynskoye TM Starter culture is its component composition. So, unlike yoghurts, the sourdough contains no stabilizers and thickeners. The density and uniform consistency of the product is "provided" by beneficial lactic acid bacteria (acidophilus and Bulgarian bacilli), which are 10 times more in the sourdough than, for example, in kefir. Make sourdough-based smoothies, fruit or vegetable smoothies, and healthy desserts.