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Tea Lovare Darjeeling black loose 50g doypack Ukraine

Tea Lovare Darjeeling black loose 50g doypack Ukraine

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Darjeeling is an elite black high-mountain tea. Its unique taste and limited production made it one of the most expensive teas in the world.This glorious tea is grown only in the Indian Darjeeling region in the northern part of the Himalayas. This tea is collected and made by hand from the buds and upper young leaves of the tea bush. Unlike other varieties of black tea, Darjeeling is not entirely fermented(~90%), and on this basis it is closer to oolong teas.Darjeeling is considered to be the “champagne of tea” for its natural flavor of muscat, which can not be reproduced anywhere else, in any other tea. It’s all about the unique combination of local fertile soils, a damp, cool climate with abundant rains and a series of hills that provide plantations with perfect drainage. And although the possibilities of growing Darjeeling are limited geographically, tea makers never sacrifice quality for yield. The amount of Darjeeling on the market varies from year to year and depends on how favorable the weather conditions are during the season for perfect harvest.
Having brewed a cup Darjeeling, you will first of all experience a delicate muscat flavor. The complete taste of this tea will present a vivid play of floral tones and fine noble astringency, herbal scents and spicy smoke notes.