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Tea Lovare green loose 35g doypack Ukraine

Tea Lovare green loose 35g doypack Ukraine

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The legendary Maofeng comes from the Chinese province of Anhui, known primarily for its green teas. The tea terraces cover the incredible slopes of the Huangshan Mountain Range – the famous “Yellow Mountain”, one of the finest places on the planet. High humidity and fresh coolness create ideal conditions for the cultivation of elite Maofeng tea, which is harvested in the early spring before the rains. For this tea, only the buds and two adjacent similar-sized upper leaves, covered in tender hairs, are harvested. They are reminiscent of majestic mountains covered in clouds, and that’s where Maofeng got its name – “Yellow Mountain Fur Peak”.Maofeng is a classic green tea of the highest grade, noble and especially valuable. Experts say that the easiness of this tea is so powerful that it gives a sense of flight and enlightens the mind. The flutter of its taste and the famous scent would lift anyone who felt them one step higher in the knowledge of the tea world.Feel a delicate aristocratic bouquet of fresh wildflowers, a light sweet taste with tones of garden berries, an easy aftertaste of the famous Maofeng tea.