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Pizza Mantinga food frozen 400g

Pizza Mantinga food frozen 400g

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: Mantinga Food
Product description from producer
Pizza base with a variety of ingredients and special sauce drops on top - this is a new pizza Mantinga Americana Supreme baked in stone oven! Base - baking in stone oven provides the pizza base with a porous structure and special crispness. Taste - pizza base is of porous structure and crispy, covered with rich and flavourful sauce, carefully selected ingredients, where only natural cheese is used. Tomato sauce Passata - is puree of crushed natural tomatoes, where tomato skin and seeds have been removed. Special sauce drops - exclusive ingredient of Mantinga pizzas. Fresh sauce drops melt during pizza baking and provide pizza with special extra flavour. Spices - dried oregano - mandatory ingredient for each pizza, providing it with special flavour and taste. Quality - baked on a new high capacity line, in a powerful stone oven, packed on the automatic packaging line. Dream of users - pizza is completely finished - a consumer does not need to add any additional drop of sauce and spices! Pizza base is extremely soft, fragrant drops of garlic spinach sauce and delicate taste of carefully selected ingredients - this is the pizza that will please even the most demanding gourmets.