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Splat Professional Medical Herbs Against Bacteria And Caries Protection Toothpaste 100ml

Splat Professional Medical Herbs Against Bacteria And Caries Protection Toothpaste 100ml

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Toothpaste Splat Professional MEDICAL HERBS / HEALING HERBS - complex protection and anti-inflammatory effect on the gums 

 The sparkling emerald on your toothbrush is a new product from the renowned manufacturer of professional oral care pastes and rinses Splat. The toothpaste of rich green color and soft gel-like consistency perfectly protects against gum inflammation, bleeding, and also strengthens the enamel and protects against caries. As part of the remedy "Healing Herbs" - extracts of pharmaceutical plants. Hawthorn, chamomile and sage are highly effective against pathogenic bacteria, and if there are minor lesions on the gums or other soft tissues, sea buckthorn extract will heal them. Significant strengthening of tooth enamel and its protection against caries are possible thanks to a special component - calcis. Toothpaste "Healing Herbs" is your effective everyday remedy! 

Main properties and active ingredients: 

 • The combination of chamomile, sage and hawthorn extracts provides a complex antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, firming and toning effect on the gums. 

• Calcis, obtained from eggshells, strengthens the enamel and protects against caries. 

• Sea buckthorn extract promotes the healing of the soft tissues of the oral cavity. 

• Geranium essential oil is an excellent antiseptic, has antiviral and analgesic properties, has a mild effect on the emotional state, gives strength and creates a bright mood. 

• Fluoride ions strengthen the enamel and make it resistant to organic acids, and also have a bactericidal effect. 

• Calcium lactate in combination with fluoride ions strengthens the enamel and reliably protects against caries. 

 Contains fluoride (1000 ppm). 

 Clinically proven: 

• Hemostatic effect - 66.5%. 

• Anti-inflammatory effect - 28.5%. 

• Cleansing effect - 41.3%. 

Facts Natural essential oils and herbal extracts not only take care of gum health, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body. Their pronounced antibacterial properties provide long-term freshness of breath, heal the tissues of the oral cavity and prevent the formation of pathogenic bacteria, keeping the microflora of the oral cavity healthy.