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Splat Professional White Plus Toothpaste 100ml

Splat Professional White Plus Toothpaste 100ml

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Made in
  • Aqua, hydrated silica, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, potassium nitrate, dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, PEG-8, calcium pyrophosphate, pentasodium triphosphate, aroma, sodium coco-sulfate, cellulose gum, sodium monofluorophosphate, titanium dioxide, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, PVP, sodium methylparaben, sodium saccharin, menthol, papain, limonene.; ​
Producer's site:
: splat.ru
Product description from producer

Toothpaste Splat Professional WHITE PLUS / WHITENING PLUS - safe whitening and enamel protection. Lovers of tea, coffee, cigarettes or wine know firsthand that all these products leave a visible mark on the surface of the teeth. To get rid of these external manifestations, to make your smile snow-white and your breath fresh, use a special paste from Splat Professional White plus. It is enriched with many active ingredients, which, in combination with natural extracts, effectively remove all impurities, and also take care of the health of teeth and gums. The formula of the paste contains special polishing particles that easily break down plaque even in the most inaccessible places and provide a long-lasting whitening effect. The presence of potassium and fluoride ions in the composition helps to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth, as well as prevent the formation of tartar. Regular use of the paste guarantees you a significant whitening effect, perfect smoothness of your teeth and pleasant breath freshness. Contains fluoride (1000 ppm). 

Main properties and active ingredients: 

- Ideal for lovers of coffee, tea and those who smoke. Does not increase the sensitivity of the teeth. 

- The innovative system Sp.White system® safely whitens and polishes the enamel to a shine. 

- Rounded polishing particles in combination with the Polydon® component and natural papaya enzymes noticeably brighten the enamel, break down plaque in hard-to-reach places and make the surface of the teeth perfectly smooth, which contributes to the preservation of whiteness for a long time. 

- Potassium ions reduce tooth sensitivity. 

- Natural antibacterial ingredients prevent plaque formation and keep breath fresh. 

- Fluoride ions effectively protect against caries. 

Facts: Nowadays, whitening methods have become more gentle, but nevertheless, dentists recommend that many patients refrain from using whitening drugs for the short-term effect of a dazzling whiteness of a smile. Even modern professional whitening can damage the enamel, but you can restore your teeth to their natural natural whiteness with the help of special non-traumatic toothpastes.