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O.B. ProComfort Super 8 pcs + Normal 8 pcs Tampons

O.B. ProComfort Super 8 pcs + Normal 8 pcs Tampons

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: jnj.com
: Johnson & Johnson
Product description from producer
o.b.® ProComfort® provide easy insertion and reliable protection with unique SilkTouch™ coating, FluidLockTM spiral grooves and new Smooth Technology for an even smoother o.b.® ProComfort® Normal tampon surface. o.b.® ProComfort® Normal is very comfortable to use on days with light to medium discharge and for those who are just starting to use tampons. Composition: absorbent rayon fiber, silky finish, polyester cord. How to use: 1. Tampons o.b.® with tear-off tape: Wash your hands before using the hygiene product. Rotate the top and bottom of the cellophane wrap in the directions shown by the arrows around the swab. 2. Then, holding the bottom of it, remove the rest of the packaging. 3. Unfold the return cord by pulling firmly on it. 4. Insert the end of your index finger into the base of the hygiene product and remove the top of the cellophane wrap. 5. Gently part the labia with the fingers of your free hand. Relax! Gently insert the tampon as deep as possible into the vagina. If you feel resistance, change the direction of the tampon slightly. 6. If you continue to feel the tampon, insert it a little deeper. If inserted correctly, the tampon will be in the middle third of the vagina and you will not feel it. Wash your hands.