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Fol Epi Classic Semisolid Cheese

Fol Epi Classic Semisolid Cheese

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This cheese hails from a French region called Loire Valley. Fol Epi is translated as an ear of wheat. That’s why the wheel’s shape of this cheese is decorated with ears of wheat and has a bright golden crust. The cheese has a nutty flavor with fruity notes resembling Swiss Emmental. Fol Epi tastes good with fresh bread, fruit and various salads. In reference to wine, this cheese harmonizes with Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Noire and Merlo. Besides the cheese sold by the weight, Fol Epi is also produced in small packagings for quick meals.7 slices of cheese in an individual package. A convenient format for a quick meal. Besides, the crust of sliced Fol Epi is edible unlike the weighted cheese.